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The Great Manini
In the beginning...
Don Francisco de Paula Marin aka "The Great Manini"
Born 1774, Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain
This website is dedicated to Don Francisco de Paula Marin and his descendants. To serve
as a global  portal for all 'Ohana, known and familiar and those we have yet to discover, a
way to keep in touch, a way to preserve our roots and a way to perpetuate our 'Ohana Tree,
"may the Tree thrive and prosper"
The Scope:
Beginning with the Hawaiian History of Marin in 1794 we have tried to capture, in
a linear sense, an organized and objective version of a rather complicated and
diverse rooted beginning and intricate following.
The 'Ohana Tree offers a visual opportunity to see historical family data arranged in chronological order by Generations,
updated information submitted by surviving descendants. The Data displayed, is the collective effort of the Hawaii Archives in
Honolulu as a bench mark model,continuing updating  by surviving descendants, insures that our 'Ohana Tree should
survive through generations to come.
Collaboration of selected Data contributed by: [(c) 2004 EIW]
L Zdvoracek & Pualani McBee  Bench Mark Data acquired from the Hawaiian Archives In Honolulu, Oahu   
Additional Research acquired from: Hawaii Forest & Trail "The Gentleman Farmer"
by R. Pacheco  and On-Line Data Bank resources.
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The Accuracy of the content of this website is  based on
the legitimacy of the information provided or collected, "The Great Manini.Org" is not responsible
for inaccurate content. Such information will be remedied by retraction.
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